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10-16-2010, 02:42 PM

Your assertions are almost rude, Thlaylie. Your vehemence against pvp and people who engage in pvp borders on an irrational bias.

It is as though the mere existence of pvp in the same game as your own causes you to break out in hives.

You regularly insult people who engage in pvp, assuming that it is their prime goal and fulfilment in life to blow up and grief noobs. That assumption is uninformed, and probably stems from a bad encounter you had. Guess what? Whatever someone did to you to make you so angry, they do not represent an entire community of people.

Moreover, you are not forced to engage in pvp in any way. You are not forced to play against pvpers in any way. Nobody can grief you or kill you for the LOLLERS. If you choose to ignore pvp entirely, it can be for you as though it doesn't exist. Nothing in the game picks you up and hurls you into pvp against your will. Anything you wish to achieve in the game can be achieved without engaging in pvp.

Also, you even seem to have a bias against Klingons, for who knows what reason. It is as though their mere existence wracks you with pain.

Your numerous rants against pvpers and Klingons is nonsensical. If you don't like them, ignore them. I promise no one will hack into your system and make you pvp against Klingons. Quite frankly, I'd think both pvpers and Klingons would be happy to stay far away from you.