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10-16-2010, 04:25 PM
i'm not entire sure what it is this thread is getting at... but i like the breakdown.

i for one mainly PvP, BUT i also RP and am part of a healthy community. i like beating the game and completing all content and finding all secrets possible. and i also like getting gear to sell.
i have 3 lvl 51 characters all of which have very rare gear and 40+ million creds.
i also like to play silly games like dabo and i always investigate wierd stuff. sure it may only be a bug... but what if a programmer put some secret something in the game and i find it!

i guess i am a full house.
but enough about me and how awesome i am.

there IS a way for role players to talk and not be bothered.

make your own chat channel in the chat options and turn off zone and local temporarily.
as for annoying *******s who troll you to make their pethetic "live at home in moms basement" lives mean something... do what i do...


P.S. my BoP's new pivoting wings bring EVERLASTING DEATH to the enemies of the Empire!

who cares what some 15 year old (or 35 year old) loser thinks of you.
are you really THAT self conscious that you go to tears when some loser tells you RP sucks and you havent leveld fast enough?

dont even engage these idiots. PLAY THE GAME. PLAY IT YOUR WAY. HAVE FUN.

the game (and life) is too short, and to short on content, to waste time with people who have a napolean complex.

my imagination is too big to be defined by the serious limitations of this and other MMOs. so i proudly fill the gaps with Role Play WITHOUT SHAME.

but if some idiot wants to throw down, ill blast ya all up and down salvage or arena.

but you see... most crap talkers wont accept the challenge. some people just want to see other players suffer. and are desperate to doop someone... ANYONE... into thinking they may be awesome, when in fact they really suck.

my advice. do what makes YOU happy!

get your own friends, your own fleet, and be a snobby STO click that totally ignores idiots.

get your own chat channel, come up with elaborate RP scenarios, meet new people... and have fun AT YOUR PACE.

who cares that it took you 8 months to get lt commander.

one of the most fun players i ever met in any MMO is a captain 4 on her main character that has been around since beta. and you know what? (winks at T'manda)

she is one of the most fun people in any game i have ever met!
i dont let some agro dork define who i hang with or who i am by his limited vision of fun.
i define who i am and who i hang with by using MY values.

i suggest the OP does the same.

your friend,
the Angry klingon