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i have to say Dan and the staff have really picked things up!

the weekly serials go well. and they managed to nerf the green diaper.
they add new content regularly, and have an ambitious plan for the future.

the foundary is LONG waited, and will bring endless content to the game... for both sides!!!
(my first foundary mission will be making an epic space battle to relive the free-for-all fleet engagements of the Dominion War )

however, giving the klingons a bird with flapping wings is not going to cut the mustard. <--- period

sure i screamed like a giddy school girl when i saw my manly bird shift its wings from cruise positions to attack position....

but that's beside the point!!!

the Nebula is refit number 6... meanwhile the klings still only have one refit. and one that is hardly used.

Mr Stahl has given many encouraging words.
especially addressing the need for klingons to gain sector space access and stop playing the role of the red headed step child in the corner.

access to more then a handful of sectors, and gaining new sector blocks is essential!!!

before writing this i had just got down watching reunion and redemption.... 3 really great TNG episodes that involve the 3 main powers in the alpha and beta. it was intense, it was fun, it was great TV.

many references were made that makes certain portions of STO non-cannon.
especially the ROMULAN-KLINGON border.

the klingons not only need access to many of the sector blocks in the game (instead of just their home sector and the nutral zone)
BUT they also need at least one more sector block linking them with the romulan empire AND one for the Gorn hegemony.

the new serials are fun and great for both sides.... but the klingons need 3-6 new PvE missions for lower end klingons which help define the klingons based on TNG and DS9. the material is already there!!! please use it!!!

you dont have to release a new klingon episode every week. but once a month? is THAT too much to ask?!?!

also... the release notes mentions a "new skin" for all klingon ships.
when i red that i almost lost bladder control!!!

then i got in the game and discovered "new skin" is just a new hull color. so what!??!! the feds start with FOUR.

when the klingons say "we want new ship skins" we mean SHIP SKINS... as defined by the c-store.
new parts and designs for klingon ships.

all federation ships have at least 3 skin choices and most have FOUR.

most klingon ships have only 2 skin choices, and MANY only have ONE choice.
thats not acceptable...

ALL klingon ships shaould have one alternate ship design to mix and match thier own personalized ship.
and the most popular ships should have THREE.
such as: Teir 1 and tier 5 BoP. the negh-var and carrier, the vor'cha, the teir 5 raptor.


where are the FAIR rewards for game play time?!?!
why can't the klings have off duty clothes? or access to the mercenary outfits?

how about Klingon versions of ALL fleet actions?
that would be much less coding then coming up with new content!!!
also, you could make missions out of the fleet actions with Lt B'tera!
in the same way that the feds do with Admiral russian guy!
a diverse and well placed network of fleet actions with Exp awards would greatly benefit the goal of breaking up the klingon grind!
as would other more productive fleet action type senarios!
things that are fun but could be repeated!!! instead of headin on to the kahless expanse for 30 hours...

how about new PvP scenarios?
the klingons are labeled by most feds as the "PvP faction"
but there has been NO new PvP content. just FOUR nerfs against the klingons...

Dan Stahl is a skilled guy. he is ambitious and has a good command on morale lifting public speaking.
whenever i hear him in interviews or in his articles, i am tempted to have faith in him and the cryptic staff.

just don't betray that trust guys!!!

MANY players WANT romulan and cardassian factions.
and we cant have either until the klingons are fleshed out!
(personally i think the rommies and cardies should be released early... even if they lack content)

there is no reason why alternate factions cant enjoy fair treatment as far as c-store and rewards go.
there is also no reason why klingons cant get slow and incremental progress.
we dont expect weekly content.
but MONTHLY would be nice (hint hint)

the foundary will change the game. and will be the first thing in STO that will attract NEW players, and not just keep the old.
giving klingons access to more fed space, and feds more access to kling space will only amplify the effect of the foundary when it goes live.

i know its hard giving consideration to a player minority.
but more then half the klingons are klingon-only players. that is hundreds... maybe thousands... of players you will be potentially alienating.


after watching DS9 and TNG a lot... it came to me...
the Feds, klings, Rommies, and Cardies are all intertwined...
enemies one minute, allies the next... and eventually... all part of the federation.

if seperate factions fail... have you considered (as a last ditch effort/contingency plan) rolling all 4 factions into the feds, including homeworlds, and then giving klingons/rommies/cardies their own ships and styles inside the feddie framework?

PvP wouldnt suffer. there are already FvF "simulations"
basically in char generation... you choose what of the 4 powers you wish to be.
and all 4 powers are allies of the feds against the undine, borg, breen and all the other baddies in the galaxy.
then they could fight eachother in PvP in simulations... just as the feds fight eachother!

just a thought... i wouldnt like it... but at least then klingons would be treated like feds...

yes... many klings enjoyed the new carriers, the tilting BoP wings, and the weekly serials.
but its NOT ENOUGH... it really isnt... you must know that...
we pay the same price as feds. and unlike me, most klingson don't have lvl 51 fed alts.
they just pace from one end of Qo'nos tot eh other like caged lions...

please cryptic... don;t let us down...

your friend,
the Angry Klingon

P.S. Don't be afraid of Micro transactions!!! they are a legitimate way to make money while giving people the content they want!

P.P.S. my BoP's pivoting wings bring EVERLASTING DEATH to the enemies of the Emipre!!!