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10-17-2010, 01:38 AM
gotta agree with this post, BO's need kits. They should be able to have the gear on them

The Holographic BO has "look wise" a kit on him, I dont see why we arnt able to apply kits on our BO's and in specific mission have dialogue with our Medical BO's and are able to go that route. I find it very silly and un trek like to run for a silly medical kit on the ground its been said, IT SHOULD BE MANDITORY on our medical officers

I even say.. for future episodes/quests

Security officer Kit... explosive charges to blow doors up and other type gear
Medical officer.. most common medical gear a starfleet doctor would carry in the field
Engineer.. some sort of portable computer able to interact with all types of systems and also a repair kit

more could go with those.. but that was just a general idea on it