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10-17-2010, 07:03 AM
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
My chief medical officer is with me on my mission on board the Cardassian ship in the new Weekly Content Episode... yet we find a dead Cardassian and the game wants me to travel to the... medbay.. to pick up a medkit/medical scanner... a Cardassian scanner at that. Come on.. great mission so far but you need to rewrite this or something - I have TWO science officers with me one specc'd in healing lol

If this were a real episode there's no way in hell she would 'forget' to bring her medical kit.
Well, in my playthrough my captain is the medic. I just didn't happen to be wearing Dr. crusher's big blue cardigan with lots of pockets. So I left my neurolytic probe back on the ship. Didn't think #I would need it considering I wasn't expecting to do an autopsy on the fly.

Usually if that happened in an episode Dr. crusher would beam the body back to sickbay to examine there. She didn't carry a full set of medical tools on her - just the med tridorder and maybe a hypo. In some cases a little case wi th extra stuff but not everything!

I think it's plausible that if you happen to be next to the Cardassian sickbay you'd just go work with what you find on location.