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10-17-2010, 05:19 PM
I really do like how hardcore trekkies take an image of a ship, see that the ship artists in there hurry did not put your typical impulse engines on it, and made some massive story about the fact that the ship has none, despite the fact it has always been the main sub-light propulsion system. Now also to note, yes you can say the engines are hidden behind baffles if they were there (which is more likely) but the fact remains they are still there.

Now whether they should leave impulse trails or now..

NO impulse engine has ever left impulse trails like we see them in the game in any show. The only way we know they engaged impulse was the the engines red glow would brighten. So why cant they show the same impulse trail, just at a reduced brilliance maybe? And again, if this is a research vessel, why is it the only one with these supposed "modern" engines that reduce there exhaust for 'stealth" reasons when combat oriented ships have no such features. You would think a front line class like the Sovereign would incorporate this technique...guess not. I guess the guy that made up this 'theory" should have included something along the lines that, baffling the impulse engines turned out to not work and they scrapped it on all new class ships.

the truth is, the model builders screwed up, and some bull crap story was made up to cover for them.