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Hello Everyone,

I plugged in my 360 Controller & noticed that on the Ground Game,
it moves fantastic! It's about on par with Champions Online & seems
much easier to move around than using the mouse & keyboard. My
only question is: how can I program my buttons so that they can
control the more important ground game interactions (attacking
types, interaction, etc)?

Is there a file I can edit? In Champions Online, you can hold down
one of the bumpers or triggers to act as a "shift" key in order to
define buttons x, y, a, & b for at least 12 different commands
(perhaps 16 if one wanted to program the right bumper next to
the buttons, a bit odd to hold however).

As for space travel, mini-games, etc, I can stick with mouse &
keyboard for that. It's just fine the way it is. :p

So far, since going away for a few (several?) months & coming
back, I'm really impressed with the improvements I've seen so
far. I don't think the 360 Controller worked at all for the ground
game when the game was released, at least I don't remember it
working & there was a hack to get it to work for space combat, but
it wasn't that great.