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10-17-2010, 07:35 PM
I am Fleet Admiral Ros Chakotaii of the United Starfleet Combat Group, we are a worldwide fleet dedicated to the defence of the federation, i am from the united kingdom myself but usually on when the US is on due to im up late, we are a recently new fleet we were founded 1 week ago on Saturday the 9th of October, for a new fleet we are growing in numbers pretty well near enough every night we have fleet actions but currently i am unable to come online due to injury so fleet actions as a fleet aren't as often i should be back on soon hopefully then we shall be doing nightly fleet activity's, since we are a new fleet we are constantly looking for new members who can show potential to fill our ranks we are also looking for members who want a active role within the fleet and to have fun and socialize with the fleet, one of my vice admirals is a crafter currently at captain level and will craft near enough anything you want as long as he has the materials and skills required sometimes he asks if you can give him extra materials sometimes he wont ask asked him to make me a plasma sniper rifle he needed some materials so i gave them to him and offered 2000 energy whilst negotiating trade he declined he doesn't want money from making you weapons etc. so free stuff comes with being in the fleet mega bonus, we currently are in the process of creating a fleet uniform and currently have a fleet patch available for both uniforms and your ships,
as a fleet we stick together my vice admirals are where they are because the help those that need help they stick in and help bond the fleet join in on every fleet mission/battle i see potential in every recruit to the fleet and aspire to have the best fleet on star trek online maybe not the most members but enough to always have members of a rank online 24/7, also unlike some fleets we have a ongoing mission defend the planets and citizens of the united federation of planets it allies and neutrals party's and to boldly go where no fleet has gone before
if you are interested seek us out online in the fleet section and speak to the handles youbob12 or silvarrick, my two vice admirals just say i invited you and they will let you in no problems.

Admiral Ros Chakotaii U.S.S. Inglourious-C NX-999999-E
United Starfleet Combat Group
Fleet Motto - We shall fight whatever shall come against us, but by God we shall strike them down!