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10-17-2010, 10:15 PM
Well, depending on what you are seeking, the 12th Fleet might be for you! We have a consistent player base that uses TS3 and plays together regularly at all levels. We are a large fleet with a structure, be we feel as though everyone should play together as a community rather than having just this division play alone while another division plays alone over there. We PvP, PvE, run STFs, and RP (in our forums), and we have various other things to do if you want to be more involved in the fleet.

We have been around since closed beta, and while many of our players have left (mainly due to discontent with the game), we have been receiving many applications to join our fleet since Season 2 came out in July.

If you like, you can check us out at

Happy hunting!

By the way, we love cookies!