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10-18-2010, 03:28 AM
Originally Posted by biglcny View Post
OK OK OK I have had it with the ridiculous foot steps in certain areas of ESD. It sounds like 3 full class rooms of 5th graders stomping through the place as hard as they possibly can....please dial it back a bit. It's ridiculous and when I am playing with earbuds (its low frequency) it actually starts to hurt after a while. It also sounds more like muffled pop corn popping than foot steps. Anyway I end up just turning the sound down at ESD or yanking out my head phones.

I tried playing with the sound and found that foot steps is under "FX" not ambient sounds... great idea....
Yes...this should be tweaked. I turn my environmental volume down to 25% when at ESD but you know what that is a pain in the ay es es because when I beam out I have to take the time to go back in and turn it back up to 100%

I don't care if I can hear footsteps at ESD. You see, this is actually something that should be handled on a much higher level in as far as actual pve or pvp goes.

Yes, I know we can see our next encounter with baddies as red dots on our maps. Maybe we should not. Maybe the sound of footfalls around the corner should be /one/ of the physical clues that we are not alone on some base that needs a clearing.

Small things like this could potentially make the game in ground combat more interesting. Maybe the people who made the base constructed it of a material that is resistant to scans, or they have instruments that broadcast white noise.

Surprise is a big deal in roleplaying games. It causes people to be caught off guard. This could equate to debuffs in melee and/or ranged combat.

I noticed in the "Skirmish" episode the consoles to lower the forcefields did not glow/shimmer like they do in other pve maps. This is a GOOD thing, and it shows you understand exactly what I'm talking about here.

Try and make the game a bit more mysterious. I understand the standard issue Tricorder is a powerful device, but that should mean there are powerful counters to it as well.

See what the pitter-patter of feet bring?