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# 1 hey devs, torpedo powers
10-18-2010, 04:16 AM
so i think torpedo high yield and spread are in need of a revamp, as is the global cooldown, what i would like to see is :

torp global reduced to 25% of a launchers reuse, so you can effectively chain 3 of 1 type of launcher, this need not apply to special torpedos like tricobalts of breen cluster bomb

high yield and spread changed to behave like cannon rapid fire and beam fire at will. make them 10 or 15 second duration buffs, that while active cause all torpedo shots to fire additional torpedoes, what this would add to the game would be the torpedo bombers of the star trek universe that we simply do not currently have, it wouldnt be game breakingly powerfull, just a good addition to the fleet.