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10-18-2010, 04:58 AM
At first a "simple" Change/Upgrade to all Materials,that will be bringt a straighter Individualty at once.
So it could by the Players choice to wear all of the Uniform and Out of Duty Costumes in Cotton,Leather or something else,without create full new Designs.

Nice additional and new Parts of Uniforms,Out of Duty Clothes and character Details would be at:


TOS long shafted Gloves
TOS Overknees
TOS Skirts of all kind an length
Eye Patches
long Coates like the high ranked Generals
some more detailed long and very long Beards
additional Belts
different kinds of Back Armor Plating
more Wrist and Arm Accessoires for Orion Males


an open Captains Jacket,like Picards in the next Gen
some kinds of Boleros,like on Bajoran Uniforms
also Skirts in all lengths,Minis are nice but they are to short to wear on formal Events :p
heeled Overknees and half shafted heeled boots in additional to that Skirts
Wrist and Arm Accessoires for Males
Out of Duty Muscle Shirts to wear that Accessoires