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10-18-2010, 06:03 AM
Originally Posted by KhansWrath
fire at will and cannon rapid fire are both currently tuned to be good powers, they could easily make the torpedoes similar so that they fire properly like when picard ordered worf to shoot thigns with the ship in every single episode of TNG
Your suggestion of a launcher firing additional shots using a torpedo power is exactly what is in the game now. Torpedo high yield works as follows:

HY1 = 2 torps
HY2 = 3 torps
HY3 = 4 torps

Let's say you go for the bare minimum of 2 torps for HY1 and you have three quantum launchers fitted, each being able to fire within two seconds of each other (25% of an 8 second cooldown) while torpedo HY1 is active for 15 seconds.

You're looking at: 14 torpedoes in 15 seconds. On shields, each torp does roughly 500 damage. That's 7000 damage on a full shield face, which is roughly half the shield strength an admiral level science ship will have with a Mk X Covariant capacity*3 shield with a field generator (+35% shield capacity) fitted. An escort will have far less shield than that (roughly 9000) so its shields would be all but gone. This is not so bad since you'd have to wait for a long cooldown to use high yield again, but you'd still be able to rapid-fire single torpedoes every 2 seconds in the meantime.

Say you're shooting at bare hull and each HY torp does about 5000 damage. That's 70,000 damage on hull! A cruiser might be able to survive that with hull buffs from an engineer captain, but tactical and science ships are screwed.

All any ship has to do is fit 3 quantums and beams or cannons in the other weapon slots, pound on a target's shield with energy weapon spam, then hit tractor beam on the target and fire 14 torpedoes over 15 seconds. A cruiser could fit a dual beam bank and 3 torpedoes, with torp HY1 and beam overload 2. Beam overload nukes most of the shields and 14 torpedoes will finish off the rest. If he was shooting at an escort, it would be turned into a rapidly expanding vapor after the 5th or 6th torpedo.

I shudder to imagine HY 2 with 3 torps per shot over 15 seconds. That's 21 torpedoes. 10,500 damage on shields. 100,500 on hull.