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10-18-2010, 05:31 AM
You're looking at: 14 torpedoes in 15 seconds. On shields, each torp does roughly 500 damage. That's 7000 damage on a full shield face, which is roughly half the shield strength an admiral level science ship will have with a Mk X Covariant capacity*3 shield with a field generator (+35% shield capacity) fitted. An escort will have far less shield than that (roughly 9000) so its shields would be all but gone. This is not so bad since you'd have to wait for a long cooldown to use high yield again, but you'd still be able to rapid-fire single torpedoes every 2 seconds in the meantime.

Say you're shooting at bare hull and each HY torp does about 5000 damage. That's 70,000 damage on hull! A cruiser might be able to survive that with hull buffs from an engineer captain, but tactical and science ships are screwed.
Your reasoning is... terribly, terribly flawed.

The dual cannons on my VA escort do 1000 DPS each at 100 weapons power, unbuffed and without rapid fire. I have three of those. I can add another 1000 DPS from my rear turrets.

4000 DPS x 15 seconds = 60,000 damage! And that's not even mitigated by shields like torpedoes are! Better remove them from the game before I activate rapid fire and 'evaporate' everything!

Except that's not how the game works. To suggest that 'all' one has to do is hold a target still for 15 seconds and unload unhindered is laughable. 15 seconds is an eternity in combat.

The guy''s idea may or may not have merit, I personally think torpedoes need some kind of improvement to make them a more viable option, but your reasons for dismissing his idea were absolute nonsense.