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10-18-2010, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by LeanneArac
Your reasoning is... terribly, terribly flawed.

The dual cannons on my VA escort do 1000 DPS each at 100 weapons power, unbuffed and without rapid fire. I have three of those. I can add another 1000 DPS from my rear turrets.

4000 DPS x 15 seconds = 60,000 damage! And that's not even mitigated by shields like torpedoes are! Better remove them from the game before I activate rapid fire and 'evaporate' everything!

Except that's not how the game works. To suggest that 'all' one has to do is hold a target still for 15 seconds and unload unhindered is laughable. 15 seconds is an eternity in combat.
You forgot to mention that up until very recently, escorts with cannons could indeed unload and "evapourate everything" on a regular basis. I'm simply saying that torpedoes with the buff that the op suggests would be as devastating as cannons used to be.

I can keep a target in my forward arc easily for at least 10 seconds and I fly a cruiser. Evasive + flying in reverse works wonders when the target breaks a tractor beam. Debuffs to prevent me from firing like jam sensors are easily removed. If you like, you could explain "how the game works" where you are unable to do this.

The op did say the HY and spread powers should cause launchers to fire additional shots for 15 seconds but did not specify how many. Say HY3 fired 4 shots per launcher over 15 seconds with a global cooldown of 2 seconds like he suggests. You'd only need 2 launchers, and In 4 seconds you could fire 8 torpedoes. Please tell me that you're not going to claim you can't keep a target's bare hull in your forward arc for 4 seconds. That's 40k damage right there, not counting criticals (which happen often enough to be an important factor). Assuming of course you took down the shields first with cannon rapid fire or beam overload.