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10-18-2010, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by LeanneArac
No, you're saying they'd be as devastatnig as cannons currently /are/, except with a huge disability against shields and a slightly wider arc.

Even if a ship were firing the hypothetical 1 quantum torpedo a second, any ship with any kind of shield healing would hold up to that indefinitely. The way things are now, torpedoes are simply not a threat on their own.
I elaborated a bit more on my reasoning if you'd care to respond to it. Also, I wasn't talking about torpedoes working alone. I assume that they'd be used in concert with other weapons, as is the norm.

You make a good point about 1k damage per second being easily mitigated. But I'm assuming an attacker will use energy weapons to kill the shields at the same time. And like I said, I personally have no trouble holding a target in my forward arc for 10 seconds or more.