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10-18-2010, 06:29 AM
Hmm, Torpedos could use some love. I'm skilled on quantum and photon torpedos and on phasers as well. Funny fact: the DPS done by quantums and photons isn't much higher than the DPS done by phaser arrays. And since torpedoes tend to miss a lot more often than beam weapons, and their damage nearly get nullified by shields, they're not as powerful as they could be.

I'd like to see higher base damage and maybe additional skills, especially up to Lt. Cmdr. so any ship-class will gain an advantage.

Besides that, I don't think torpedos are worthless like other users wrote. You DO have to take down shields with your beam weapons. Giving torps too much punch against shields would "nerf" beam weapons. I love how they work right now and I never had any problems in taking out shields and dealing a lot of damage with my torpedoes even with HYI. Funny ... none of my tactical BOs have HYII - and HYIII isn't possible for me to get since my Captain isn't a tactical officer.