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10-18-2010, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
This is not to insult you but just inform you. the nebula class ship impulse engines are more or less hidden. It is a design intention. The ship is actuallly able to do various tactical menuevers better then the galaxy. regardless the ship does have impulse engines just not huge fusion reactor engines in the back but more to the point of thruster attributes. As i tried to point out in the nebula design and tribble dicussion this ship should not be a science ship because the current version was made for tactical purpose pretty much a heavy gun boat with a many function of pods. The nebula with the oval pod is for sensor purpose.

In my overall opinion cryptic should have given us the ship as with no pods. They could allow us the subscriber to buy with small micro transactions or emblems the pods to form this ship to the desired career. you would get three different ships and they make extra money rather then one transaction.

Star trek has examples of 3 different types of nebulas

1. tactical pod - uss sutherland ( triangular pod that was for greater and faster torpedo loadout pod - uss phoenix ( has an oval pod that allows for sensor sweep and sceince attributes pod - uss melborne ( has two smaller warp nacells. this can be smaller warp core for power

This is why in my humble opinion the marketing team should be replaced. They only know about the quick buck rather then listening to players and their concerns who know about star trek. With all due respect people have a right to their own opinion but when in terms of star trek there are facts and their are those who do not know about the ship mechanics.
Agreed wholeheartedly. Probably better to fix sooner than later (if they're going to at all). Otherwise there'll tons of griping about changes to the Nebula.