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# 14 Some more info
10-18-2010, 06:35 PM
Nice work foxrock.

However, i'd like to bring a little correction over a word widely used, who do not really apply that much. FRAGILE. According to many cryptic description, there are kind of fragility. VERY fragile and just fragile. VERY fragile is a power that will end as soon as any damage is dealt. Standard fragile is a power that CAN be ended up early if enough damage is dealt.

So in your jam sensor, you say that the power will end as soon as any damage is dealt. Which is not true. I'v been using this power a lot (one of my main in fact). If you absolutely put no skills points in skills that affect it, it is really fragile. Meaning that it will probably go off in the first blow you deal. Even more if it is a big blow like from a dual heavy cannons. But Even the rank 1, fully bossted with the 9 skills points on each of the 3 skills won't go off until the end of the duration. No matter how much damage is dealt. Not by a single ship at least. I never tried having a 12 fleet firing allat once at the same jammed target...

So if you are soloing, there is absolutely no benefits to have a higher rank if you have decent skill points.

On a different subject, I can bring some detailed info about scramble sensors. For each 5 points of aux power, the duration will last one second more. Rank one tops at 15 seconds however. And I think that rank two would top at 25 seconds. But i never tried it at 125 power.