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Originally Posted by brainfacer View Post
Something I don't believe was mentioned is that attack patterns and other effects that increase weapon damage also increase the damage on various science powers. Using tractor beam repulsors while under the effect of Attack Pattern Alpha, for instance, will increase the repulsor's damage significantly. The same is probably true of various hull resistance debuffs (attack pattern beta, attack pattern delta, and for science captains especially sensor scan). That's a bit harder to test though, as you can't just look at the tooltips.

Certain science powers, however, don't seem to deal damage the normal way: Charged Particle Burst and Tachyon beam aren't affected at all by attack patterns or hull resistance debuffs. They "drain shields", they don't "deal damage."

Powers affected by damage % increase:
Photonic Shockwave:
Tractor Beam:
Going from 15 to 20 dps has little effect, of course. Oddly, the tooltip display says the turn rate debuff is also increased, I do not know if this is a display bug or relevant if it actually happens.
Tractor Beam Repulsors:

Photonic Shockwave and Tractor Beam repulsors can also crit, I'm fairly certain.

Powers not affected by damage % increase:
Charged Particle Burst
Tachyon Beam

I haven't looked at gravity well or tyken's rift. I'm really, really curious how feedback pulse is affected, but that's hard to see without a controlled test in kerrat or something.
I don't think Attack Pattern Alpha (or Beta/Delta/Omega) has a direct correlation to damage done, and Weapon skills definitely has none at all, to science skills.

Beta and Delta would, due to the target attacking(-ed) you, would get a debuff, like sensor scan, which would increase damage being done to said target that is being done by PSW, TracB and TBR, TR, and GW. Since they all do kinetic damage. Feedback pulse would also change according to how much debuff is done to the target, (but a huge varaicnce due to incoming energy weapon fire), but that is energy weapon fire instead probibbly, and also I think has a 50% bleed through.

Now Crit rate, MAY affect these, but highly doubt it. But I do agree that these powers could crit, but since most Science powers take time to recharge. It be kinda hard to determine if they do crit, in any reasonable amount of time.

CPB and Tach B, don't do damage the normal way, cause it's a flat kill of the shields, no matter what resistance power there is. if it says it will kill 90 shields per pulse, its going to kill 90 shields, even if the person has RSP going and as long as no one is shooting it.