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10-19-2010, 12:55 AM
Intresting... now it does make me wonder if torpedo skills (since they affect kinetic damage dealt) would make a deal, and (slightly) how much you have in the relavent Tractor/Emitters/Ops.

I wouldn't think that a Torpedo skill would affect kinetic damage of a science skill. But if Torpedo skills do affect sci-kinetic abilities... >.>

But the Disrupto Proc, Should, affect the repulsor blast if the two happen at the same time, since that debuff is applied to the hull. Now, it makes me wonder, would an engineering skill, like Warp Plasma, be effected by APA/D/B/O.

Personally, seems a little odd that a tactical ability is directly affecting a non-tactical ability.

Might be able to test shockwave, agiast a carrier that using alot of low-end fighters that you can blast in one attack. Though don't know if it would crit-roll for each of them indivually, or as a group, even though damage variance does occur per/ship basis. Thinking about it, it should do a crit roll indivually. But I've seen on the ground, with poloran weapons arc-assualt (more noticable) that the weapon debuff seems to occur en masse if multiple people are hit with it.