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10-19-2010, 02:53 AM
Originally Posted by Dragonwindspirit
Most of the time i've experienced countdowns in STO for shut downs. My experience with MMO's suggests that countdowns are a GM/Server Admin tool that can be adjusted and initiated at any time they need to shut a server down. It's a matter of bringing up the tool and setting the amount of time they want the countdown to state.

That is why I stated what I did. It isn't like they don't have the tools or the ability to trigger the countdown whenever they want to or for whatever duration they need to. It's a matter that they chose not to. If their tool doesn't allow them to adjust the length of the countdown warnings (such as an semi-emergency shut down timer of 5 minutes) then they simply fail at coding their software to work at a Standard level for the Industry.

I've played a LOT of MMO's. Last count off the top of my head in excess of 20 odd MMO's and every one of them had the ability to trigger a 5 minute warning. If STO doesn't have that ability.. lol *fail*.
Hold on heh. You've played MMO's. Remember that I know for a solid fact that not all server softwares used by different companies have a timer with a shutdown including length of choice before triggered. Quite a few I know of do 30 seconds, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour, but a lot don't and require an Administrative count down done by hand.

It's not a software issue, it's a having someone do the announcement issue. REGARDLESS of "Standard level for the industry" or not, hasn't this debate gone on long enough? If they didn't do it (which has happened on rare occasions) well piddle sticks. I'm sure by now stormshade, destra or the likes has read this post and they'll make sure it's done properly later on ^^