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10-19-2010, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
I noticed a bug with the new Vor'Cha (T4) last night - the starboard (right) nacelle trail seems to be broken. When you first move it appears briefly then vanishes.

I haven't been on tribble yet (as I am at work) to see if this is present in the new tribble build and, if it is, to see if its also present in the new T5 Vor'Cha that went live to tribble yesterday - so hopefuly its just a simple bug, but thought its worth mentioning here.
The T4 Vor'cha is unchanged on Tribble, i can still only see 3 trails.
I dont have access to the new T5 version, can't test that one.

Before one of the last patches the Vor'cha only had 2 trails coming from the red glowy impuls engines which i found to be perfectly fine.
I do not wish to see trails coming out of plated hull parts. (same with Akira Class or Constitution Class Warp Enginses, the blue comes out of the metal plated back of the necelles... just looks silly).