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10-19-2010, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
I noticed a bug with the new Vor'Cha (T4) last night - the starboard (right) nacelle trail seems to be broken. When you first move it appears briefly then vanishes.

I haven't been on tribble yet (as I am at work) to see if this is present in the new tribble build and, if it is, to see if its also present in the new T5 Vor'Cha that went live to tribble yesterday - so hopefuly its just a simple bug, but thought its worth mentioning here.
Originally Posted by vampiric_hoshi View Post
Personally I don't like the trails at all in any context except for the warp in/out animation, so I wish we could actually toggle it on/off, but its the art direction the devs have taken so I think its safe to say that it's here to stay and that all ships should be defaulting to having trails from all impulse/warp drives.

I'll check the new T5 Vor'Cha when I get home, though I expect it will have the same issue.

Also, while we're on the subject of bugs regarding the Vor'Cha, the FX animations like slipstream still do not fit the ship - they're about 50% too small and so the warp nacelles hang outside of the animation.

I have also noticed that the same issue with the slipstream animation is present on the Hegh'ta Bird of Prey as well - though with the Hegh'ta this may be due to the fact that with its wings up it has a wider silhouette compared to its wings down.
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