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10-19-2010, 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by wildmugato View Post
It even says in the description.."Unlocks it for all RA charcters on an account"..
So I dont think going to the ship dock to get it there is going to work.
Instead of telling me that it's not going to work why not take your alt to the shipyard store and try it? I've done it 3 times already with alts. Trust me, it works.

The system was changed from c-store per alt for this ship because the T5 Neb can be purchased at the shipyard store for Marks by those who don't buy it from the c-store. There's talk the Excelsior will also be changed to that too. When the Excelsior gets changed you'll also have to pick up the T5 version at the shipyard store rather then the c-store unlock. It's just the way their system works.

I have to get it from the cstore in order to get it from the ship yard 1st....Its just that on my alts,it continues to say..BUY 1200..Instead of already owned like the other stuff i have..
And it will continue to say that, but as I said above, if you go to the shipyard store with an alt would can use the T5 ship you'll see it sitting there on the list of ships waiting for you to buy it, for no cost.

And just so there's no confusion by anyone reading this, I'm not talking about your shipyard list of ships. I'm talking about the store above the shipyard where you go to pick your new ships when you go up in rank.