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10-19-2010, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by squidheadjax View Post
After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.

I've not seen any proposals for player crews that don't fail or become irrelevant without a reliable permagroup, involve splitting out existing gameplay tasks to an extremely boring extent, and fail to address the issue of the 'captain' role just realistically consisting of someone sitting on voice chat yelliing "more power to the shields!" I don't think many people would find player crews to meet their dream expectations even if the STO dev team were miracle workers.

Player crews belong in text sims and tabletop RPGs, which I participate in and face enough hassle in those mediums.
Hypothetically speaking, lets just say the Devs DID impliment a system like I described in the OP. If you think it would be boring, you wouldnt have to use it. It gives no advantage to those who choose to do so, so why would you care?