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10-19-2010, 03:37 PM
Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
Player crews in an MMO is a fundamentally flawed conept.

You'll probably realize that yorself if you try and design a complete system for it (not just the big picture but all those develish details that you glossed over in your original description). Remember that your system has to be able to:
1. handle flaky players who show up late or not at all but expect to be able to jump rite in when they do show up, and leave whenever they feal like it.
2. handle anti-social players who can't keep 4 friends around for long, who think it's funny to be the week link who brings everybody down, or can't tolerate anything less that a likely imagined level of perfection in others.
3. handle groups with vastly different amounts of free time (ie captain has a job and family but chief engineer is a middle-schooler on summer break).
4. it has to be a more engaging experience that the status quoe (otherwise no one will use it and it would be a waste of development time)

and the coup de gras
You can't give any competative advantage to the multi-crewed ships because the game has already been marketed as allowing every player to command their own ship and much of the playerbase would be angered if they percieved this had been changed.
Reading this post really takes me back to organizing Naggy raids back in EQ.

Probably why I haven't had the impetus to do it since.