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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Perhaps I wasnt clear. The idea I'm suggesting uses existing game mechanics; the view we already have, the powers we already have. All that would have to be "added" are the "permissions" for other people to use certain powers if they are in your crew/group. I'm not a programmer, so I don't know what all is involved in that. Perhaps someone who IS could enlighten us?
OK, here goes...

First, you'd have to synchronize the view, in as near Real-Time as is possible, so that the players can view the ship being piloted by the Captain of the ship who is also a player. Secondly, you'd have to synchronize the display of all players so that when a player who is permitted to execute a BO ability can trigger it and all other players on the ship can see the power trigger and all of the effects fire off like they should.

All this, is a bunch twisting existing network and graphic code, as well as perhaps creating some new pieces of network and graphic code.

Now, you'd also have to create a Permission Model probably an extension of the Team/Group Model in which the BO-ability/Player permissions matrix would reside. Next you'd need to create the view (again some graphic art and code) to manage the BO-ability/Player permissions matrix model, after which you'd have to add client and server code ensuring the BO-ability/Player permissions matrix is enforced when players attempt to activate BO-abilities they were authorized to execute.

Finally, you'd need to QA the whole thing, and then deal with all the possible bugs and other issues this new system would introduce.

Sorry... software is a complex thing.

EDIT :: By the way, not that my suggestion is simpler than yours, but what do you think about it?