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# 1 New Navigation Mini-Game
10-19-2010, 05:00 PM
Originally posted as part of my A better way to do Sector Area Maps thread, which is somewhat long and generally left ignored in the Controls and User Interface section of the forums. That thread has received very positive feedback, but as I said, since it is buried in the Controls and User interface section it doesn't get read much and I'm not sure if the devs have seen it at all. So, I decided to post this portion here as a prospective mini-game for the devs to design which would make travel in Sector Space just a bit more Trek-like and a bit more fun.

Advanced Course Settings

Advanced Course Settings would allow players to designate a course by using systems to mark a specific directional route. The Course window would appear when you selected a System icon, just as it does now. But instead of only asking if you would like to set a course to that System, it would also have an option to set an Advanced course.

With this option you could select a number of Systems and designate whether you want to stop or continue when you reach them and then click Engage. If you elect to stop at any system along your course, your ship will stop and hold position until you enter the mission or choose to Resume Course. If you opt to continue the Ship will continue immediately to the next System along your plotted course.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

This kind of system would allow players to plot a course that goes to each of their currently active missions or to go to another Sector Block at a specific point so that they spawn on the end of the Block they want to.

The sliding Adjustable Course Markers would help to designate a specific area to cross into another Sector Block with Advanced Courses. Also, this would simply feel more Trek-like than plotting a course that goes in a straight line to a single location.

Comments and feedback are welcome.