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10-19-2010, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by redheadguy
I'm not saying who is right or wrong on this... However I thought that the way the game works right now, energy weapons are used to remove a facing shield, THEN torpedos are used on a bar hull.

The two weapon types are not supposed to be equal in all things, but usefull for different things.

I'm not trying to flame anyone. I just thought that's the way the game was supposed to work is all.
Yes, but the point everyone /else/ is making is that torps /don't/ excel against bare hull. Energy weapons still provide greater DPS, which means the only advantage torpedos have is that the damage is done in a big, instant spike (and this might crit for even higher damage).

In order for torpedos to be made worthwhile, they either need to do /more/ damage versus bare hull, or energy weapons need to take a damage hit versus the same (even if this were as little as a 20% reduction in damage).