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Hi guys,
I have a suggestion and i don't know if it has been covered on any other threads. I did look. a little bit.
I was just curious if you guys are planning on making different interior layouts for different ships not just bridge wise but crew deck etc. I like the missions where you have to research cures and people etc. But I was just thinking, your ship is your lifeline when your out in space and all though I can't speak for everyone i know that in between missions i enjoy messing around a bit on my ship. I also invite some firends on the bridge to relax in the lounge. My favorite thing about star trek was the technology and ships. I'm very happy that you can tour the ship and not just the bridge so i'm content. I just think it would be cool to be able to go up to a console and watch my character type on it, even if it's just for effect. Can we get access to our bank on it? Access the replicator to have a cup of coffee or a drink on board with friends and guests. You guys are doing a great job with everything. keep up the good work.

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