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10-20-2010, 09:12 AM
Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
For example, a fleet of 3 escorts, a science ship and a cruiser, will do way more damage than a fleet of three science ships, a cruiser and an escort, but a fleet of 3 BoP, a raptor and a battle cruiser is much more comperable with regards to damage potential to a fleet composed of 3 battle cruisers, a BoP, and a raptor.
This example is a little skewed in thinking that 3 Battle Cruisers, a BoP and a raptor wouldn't be capable of doing similar, if not identical damage as to 3 BoP, a Raptor, and a Battle Cruiser using Dual Heavy Cannons.

Sure the Battle Cruisers can't use Rapid fire II or Rapid Fire III, but if they all decloaked at the same time, with in the same -5km Range, the damage output would be quite substantial.

The same could be said of a Galaxy-X + Defiant combination.

But that's just of course an assumption on my part since I flew as a Tactical Klingon Captian for a good 6 Months in a Battle Cruiser with Dual heavy cannons and Tricobolt Torpedoes.