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10-20-2010, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
I believe you just made the same Point I was trying to make. Unless I've misunderstood.

My claim is that damage output (perticularly focuse fired alpha strikes) from any combination of klingon ships remains fairly constant and high. On the other hand the damage output (perticularly a focus fired alpha strike) from a federation fleet varies grately based on fleet compoition (5 escorts is a whole difefrent world than 5 science ships damage wise, and thus play style wise).

This means that in a PuG enviroment where fleet compositions are essentually random, the klingons have an easier time developting effective tactics that the feds who have to know how to handle cases where they don't have any escorts, or no cruisers, in addition to the basics of how to be good at PvP which both factions need to be familiar with to be sicessful.
You will find that most klingon cruisers run beams... you are right you gain a nice bonus on the alpha. However what balances it out very well is the MUCH higher sustained dps from a fed beam ball. Teams that survive or mostly survive the alpha are in a very good position.

Too your point the one thing the massive Klink Alpha does is it COMPLETELY Destroys the average fed pug willingness to fight. If we decloak and in very short order run the score to 5 to 0. Most fed pugs and some inexperienced teams fall apart.
I have seen a lot of fed pugs that will have one good regular fed pug player (Ala Mr. Hale for instance) who will pull them together and make it anything but a face roll.