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10-20-2010, 08:53 AM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
You will find that most klingon cruisers run beams... you are right you gain a nice bonus on the alpha. However what balances it out very well is the MUCH higher sustained dps from a fed beam ball. Teams that survive or mostly survive the alpha are in a very good position.

Too your point the one thing the massive Klink Alpha does is it COMPLETELY Destroys the average fed pug willingness to fight. If we decloak and in very short order run the score to 5 to 0. Most fed pugs and some inexperienced teams fall apart.
I have seen a lot of fed pugs that will have one good regular fed pug player (Ala Mr. Hale for instance) who will pull them together and make it anything but a face roll.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the overall nerfs to DPS have reduced amount of cross-healing seen in PUGs. Months ago a PUG team *had* to heal to be successful; there was simply no way they could win if someone didn't put ES on whichever escort turned out to be the focus target.

Now it's a lot easier for *everyone* to survive without support, so fewer people play a support role and fewer people know how to be supported. The lack of team support pushes people even more into playing solo ships and builds; it's a vicious circle.

The solution is as always: teamwork.

The easiest fix I could think of would be forced teaming for PvP matches. When you enter a match, you are in a team with everyone else on your side, and have no option to leave it. It wouldn't force the antisocial noobs to cooperate, but at least you could talk to one another, see where the team is when they respawn, and watch to see who's taking fire. You'd also see who is hiding out AFK, which I imagine is why people refuse team invites to begin with.

I'd think any more extreme fix would imbalance things more than they are.