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10-20-2010, 10:21 AM
Anyone who thinks a Negh'var is capable of the same DPS as a raptor is for lack of a more polite or better term, an idiot.

In a raptor, I have broken 1 million Damage in score. No other ship have I done that with, and I have tried. (I don't fly a fed escort, but I am sure I could pull it off with one of them as well.)

When I was flying around as a Negh'var, I got tired of firing off all of my load in the first 5 seconds, then spend 30 seconds positioned again, so I left one DHC, and went beams up front, and turrets in back. I still had a lot of forward bite, but I had more side DPS as well allowing me to sustain damage output.

Klingon's are alpha strikers, science ships and fed cruisers are about sustained damage over time. Survive the alpha and the feds now have a higher chance of victory.