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10-20-2010, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by SP3CTREnyc
I don't really understand how this is a mini-game, or really what the point is. if you need to go to vulcan, go to vulcan. If there's nothing there that you want to do, go to risa. There's nothing ever there, so go to eta eridani. You can do all of this by clicking on things in the menu.

all you're proposing is a queue system for warp travel, which to me is pointless because if you want to go into the vulcan system, your queue will be deleted once you switch instances.
What? How do you get a queue system from what I am proposing.

It is sort of a mini game (not like Dabo, but similar to the Scanning mini-game). It adds more depth to setting a course than just picking a single system and going in a straight line to it.

You choose multiple locations in order to navigate a course that takes you from one location to the next on your way to your final destination. You can set a course to go to all of you current missions one at a time or you can set a course to go by each system in order to avoid DSEs or you can set a course to go to another Sector Block at a different point in order to enter it on the side you want.

It has nothing to do with setting up a queue to enter a system.