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10-20-2010, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Turtlewing View Post
So you agree that klingons have a more consistant play style between ship classes (they're all capable of effective alpha-striking) than do fed ships (escorts alpha strike, cruisers and science ships have to outlast the alpha strike and build up to a kill over time)?
Wow. seriously work for Fox.

Do not confuse play-style with tactic. A klingon fleet is strongest while decloaked due to the damage buff they get decloaking. Thus it stands to reason a Klingon fleet will take advantage of this first burst of damage. That i once per fight, one target.

After that there is nothing similar. A negh'var will NOT engage the same way a raptor will.

As a warning, trying to put words in my mouth by shifting the context of my statements will get you on my ignore list faster then a gold spammer. I do not, and will not, start those stupid high school word games.