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10-20-2010, 02:24 PM
Torpedoes should do more damage...but we need to see a significant increase in the cool downs. Torpedoes need to be set up so that we save them for the Knock Out blow...tremendous damage that does in one hit on the hull what a full salvo of energy weapons coul dnever achieve in one cycle. But the cool downs need to be so high that firing the torp before getting exposed hull will likly prevent you from getting another chance to use them for sometime once you do get the shield arc down.

Ideally, the cool down would be such one could fire the single torp against a fresh target to provide increased Burst for the alpha strike, but the torps reduced effectivness against the shields would ideally keep the torp from showing its full potential. Perhaps only a HYT II or III would really give the torps themselves some viable significance/contribution to dropping a shield arc...but now the long cool down for torps enters'll be awhile before you can use the torps again and now the opportunity to put a torp against bare hull is lost for sometime.

Lastly, I still believe that each ship should have a standard load out of torpedo tubes as an innate module,, with only extra tubes taking up weapon slots.