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10-20-2010, 08:20 PM
LOL at the people claiming klinks are OP in FvK balance. I am sick of seeing this argument, by people who have no actual PVP experience outside of PUGs. PuGs really mean nothing in terms of game balance.

At end game in fleet team vs fleet team battles, federation have the advantage in every way and win almost all of the time. And its not because they are better players or have more skill and tactics.

Their ships are stronger and have more hull HP and more shield HP, they perform better both solo and as a group.
They have more BO slots on some ships in a better layouts, designed for better roles.
They have a dedicated sci ships, klingons have none really.
They have the best dedicated healer ship in the star cruiser.

Mass beam boating with 6 to 8 beams is just as effective as four front rapid fire DHC, and you don't even have to aim on target. It also gives the advantage of everyone on your team will always have guns on the same target no matter where they are. While DHCs are good for bursting, even in a BOP its unlikely you are going to maintain your forward firing arc all the time in top premade vs premade, especially with all the sci spam / mines / tractors.

Tactical BO skills are far far less useful than SCI and ENG BO abilities, which fed ships in fleets run alot more of. And most klingons use at least a LTC tac for CRF 1 and 2 if not COM tac slot.
Battle cloak means nothing after the first strike, any time you spend in cloak your essentially fighting a man down.

Top federation cruisers and sci ships can tank like a motherf**ker, a good cruiser/sci can tank 2-3 people with ease and thats not even counting if his team heals him.

Federation ships can heal each other more easily, a BOP cant really effectively heal other people because its so fragile it needs its heal for itself.

Raptor is worthless in premade, it cant really heal itself or keep itself alive and it soaks up the teams heals, while its good for damage the drawbacks of not having enough eng / sci slots are too great. If i wanna muck around i fly my raptor sometimes, otherwise when i do premade pvp with my fleet i fly my BOP. Its a shame cause the raptor is fun to fly.

SCI spam is the downfall of klingons, (SNB is OP in my opinion, more OP than RSP), and stacked sensor scan just lets you rip through stuff.

All it takes is once SNB to be put on a BOP followed by mass focus beams from fed side, throw in a beam overload or CPB and your toast. And dont say sci team counters, because that 10 seconds or so that you dont have any buffs and are waiting for powers to come back is easily enough for any competent team to squish you.

Long cooldown on SNB means nothing because when you have multiple people using it, combined with the fact that just killing one BOP is enough to prevent a klingon team from even getting another kill till that player gets back to the fight. Especially when a fed team has two decent healers you need all 5 of your ships in the fight to even crack one target.

Going up against SCI spam, with 2-3 sci toons on the Fed side its a no contest in the federation favor.
And im starting to see it more with SCI/escorts and SCI/cruiser combos more than before.

SNB / PSW / CPB / SS when used on mass destroys stuff. Not to mention science fleet which puts everyone on the shield cap, to make the federation tanky ships even more tanky.

Now take out federation sci ships and sci toons, and just fight with escorts and cruisers, no sci ships or sci captains allowed on either side, then it is somewhat an even fight.

Because then it just comes down to damage and healing and who can coordinate better as a team. Even if the match does take 1 hour , its still more balanced then going up against fed sci spam.

The only real counter and way klingons can win at the moment is that everyone alpha strike one target and then all run off and cloak, wait 5 minutes for buffs to come back and rinse and repeat.

Sure it may give you victory but no Klingon wants to fight like this, and no federation wants to put up with it. It is just not fun.

Woah this post went for longer than i had expected, hopefully a dev reads this and does something about it.