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10-20-2010, 11:10 PM
The only real counter and way klingons can win at the moment is that everyone alpha strike one target and then all run off and cloak, wait 5 minutes for buffs to come back and rinse and repeat.
This statement proves that the klinks can take down feds using what they are designed for hit and runs.

I agree the sci skills are nasty. I think a group of 5 Sci BoPs using Focused alpha strikes with 5 SNBs 5 Sensor scans can drop any ship in less time then the best fed ball can respond to then its all engines and Battle cloak.

5 Beam overloads on one ship means insta death. There are many ways for the klingons to take down the Fed ball. IT might be boring and the feds might hate it but it can work almost every time.

So I guess what Im saying is you can't remove the Klingon's best tactics then say the feds are the ones that always wins.

Personally I like pvp like Capture the flag because you can't just Fed ball and expect to win.