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10-21-2010, 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by NemoSD
Wow. seriously work for Fox.

Do not confuse play-style with tactic. A klingon fleet is strongest while decloaked due to the damage buff they get decloaking. Thus it stands to reason a Klingon fleet will take advantage of this first burst of damage. That i once per fight, one target.

After that there is nothing similar. A negh'var will NOT engage the same way a raptor will.

As a warning, trying to put words in my mouth by shifting the context of my statements will get you on my ignore list faster then a gold spammer. I do not, and will not, start those stupid high school word games.
I'm just asking questions, hoping to understand your position.

So you maintain that the klingon ships are different in play style. However you also claim that all klingon ships benefit from the alpha-strike tactic.

So far this seems consistant with my claims that it's easier for Klinons to learn their strategy than for the feds, who's best strategy is to survive the alpha-strike and whittle the klingions down over time (this being a reactive strategy requires better timing and coordination than the "decloak and fire in 3, 2, 1..." against which it is paired (if everyone blows all their heals on the first focus target than the whole fleet is vulnerable in the followup melee). This is compounded by not all federation ships having the tanking capability to survive a focus fire alpha on their own (since you can't garantee there will be a healer on your team in a PuG), whereas all klingon ships can mount high end burst damage weapons and fire at one target.

Remember I never claimed that effective strategys don't exist on both sides, or that klingons are more powerful. My position was that it's easier for a new player who doesn't know jack about the PvP metagame to throw some gear on a klingon ship and stumble into the klingon's winning strategy than it is for a fed to do the same.