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10-21-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Armor Consoles now display a +X modifier without percentages because they never gave percentages. There is a specific formula on how to calculate resistance in which you insert the total modifier of all applicable consoles and get a percentage. This basically implements a diminishing return system that means you can never be 100 % immunte to anything no matter how much you stack.

The resistance formula is (IIRC): 1 - (100/(100 + Resist value)) (this gives a fractional value, to get a percentage multiply by 100 again.)

The display on your paper doll desribes the actual damage reduction your armor mods give you.
The armor mods value itself can best be seen as "virtual bonus to life expectancy if you were attacked only with weapons of this damage type". E.g. if you have +50 phaser resist and would normally last 10 seconds to phaser fire, you would now last 5 seconds. If you got +100 phaser resist, you would last 20 seconds.
If you on the other hand at a phaser resist of 50 %, you would take only half damage and thus last 20 seconds. If you got 100 % resist to phaser, you would take no damage at all from phasers. They want to avoid the latter.
Thanks. I was hoping it wasn't a bug, and if this is true for all ships, nice to know. I was always under the impressions, even with diminishing returns that they only counted after the first console. Glad to know it isn't a bug or a problem, it's a shame that the RCS aren't as effective on the fed cruisers as they are on the Klingon cruisers, but as I stated I really wasn't to concerned with them, other then to compare them with my fleet mate.

I still love my Assualt cruiser, and it works great for me, and even with the "overpowered" turn rate on the Klingon Nehg'var (my friend has it at 22 with only two RCS consoles) that he still can't take me out

I just wanted to find out if this was a bug and/orproblem to balance out fed cruisers. Glad to know it should apply to all ships