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10-21-2010, 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by Russell-KV4S
Has anyone been able to find an xmpp client for android that works with MUC (multi user chat) so the channels will work?

I've came closet with Jabbroid in the fact that i can actually connect to crypticspace with my user account but the MUC channels error out saying "feature not implemented".

I've tried Jabiru and IMov (both support MUC) but i can't connect to my crypticspace user account at all to even get to the MUC part.

Other clients i see in the market do not mention MUC support.

Any ideas?
I'm sorry Russel, I just seen your message and replied.
AFAIR Jabbroid is one of the few Android clients to support MUC, as I replied to your mail. I did a small research on Android clients because I had planned to get an Android Phone but in the end for the actual lack of proper muc capable clients dropped the idea.

If you feel brave there's Beem, which has an experimental MUC patch available.
But I didn't really test neither. As I don't posses an android device.

You could try a web client (BOSH) like Jappix, which I'm helping develope, the mobile version should work decently with WebKit mobile browsers and maybe the desktop version too (depends on the specs of your device) although that means no proper background task... so kind of battery consuming.

Perhaps only thing I can really direct you to is Jabbroid or patched Beem. But well it seems Android is a bit meh on XMPP clients as I already said and also the cryptic xmpp "interfacing" service is very glitchy which won't help as well.