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10-22-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by Miogaruna View Post
The problem with people, is they think they are the best at this game and cannot see how other players are doing so much better than they are. So they resort to calling them cheats and hacks.

Legitimate genuine concerns are

1.Players that go AFK in matches.

2.Players that log out right before they die.
3.Vanishing mouse cursors.

4. Spawning in the same location.
5. 20 minutes into a match with 0 damage and 0 heals on both sides.

Not a legitimate genuine concern is

1. Individual players sucking at the game.

I will chime in on the bolded because the non bolded are not as annoying to me.

Contribution based on percentage of ones team damage and heals, or something along that line to nullify emblem/mark leeches.

Ehhh log out before you die it makes it much easier to focus 2 ships on your team now.

The mouse look and distribute shield strength bug is also very annoying. Also I cannot use 3 weapons on ground combat anymore because I get stuck. Each weapon are high Damage weapons, sniper rifles, breen special weapon, and the other which eludes me. It looks like my main fed will not be able to do ground here pretty soon.

Aytanhi, image if people that really wanted to learn things just hung out on the Organized PvP channel. While no "secrets" being shared there is definitely a good trickle down of knowledge and perspective there.