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10-22-2010, 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post

*Your primary evaluation of a computer consists of "how well will it run STO?"

*You have a test/deadline/project/meeting/date/ballgame to attend and all you do is stay home and play STO
**You will TiVO your favorite shows, miss the big game, even abandon the Superbowl under extreme circumstances..... but you would rather let the world burn in atomic fires than miss the next weekly release

*You watch TNG/VOY/TOS/DS9 episodes while patching

*You have *all* purple end-game ship, ground, and BOFF gear. On more than one VA.
**And more than one General
***At the same time

*You post in Ten Forward

*You post in this thread

*You spend more than 10 minutes a session fiddling with your uniform at the tailor

*You spend more than 15 minutes trawling the exchange for awesome deals
Damn guilty ....

* You have told your RL friends "sorry I cant attend <insert event> Because I have a fleet event to run"...