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10-22-2010, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Jonathan_Kent View Post

*Your browser auto-opens on the STO forums and latest release notes

*You watch TNG/VOY/TOS/DS9 episodes while patching

*You have *all* purple end-game ship, ground, and BOFF gear. On more than one VA.
**And more than one General
***At the same time

*You have no dang idea who to vote for, or whos ahead in the elections... but you darn well know exactly what players are asking/begging/voting for or arguing over at the STO forums.

*You post in Ten Forward

*You post in this thread

*You can't replace a broken starter, but you know what every piece of gear is in the entire game and how it works or performs compared to all the others.
**You know where to get them and for how much

*You spend more than 10 minutes a session fiddling with your uniform at the tailor

*You spend more than 15 minutes trawling the exchange for awesome deals

Off the top of my head, these are the ones I have done, not to mention:

*going to bed thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow

*moving all of my VA/LG characters to the location of the next weekly in advance

*regularly wipe and copy chars to Tribble, so that they don't say 1 2 or 3 after their names

*find something silly to post to if I haven't posted in a few days

*start wondering if parts from other cars would look good on your car