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10-22-2010, 09:10 AM
You play too much STO:

when all you think about at work are different BO setups for your bird of prey

when you want to hit beam overload and rapid fire when "that guy" takes your office supplies for the xth time

when redlining your car in 1st and 2nd and you imagine yourself hitting emergency power to engines and evasive maneuvers

when you envision potentially hostile interdepartment meetings as going aboard the Assimilated Cruiser and you can't wait to lay waste to the noobs

when you've envisioned yourself pulling out your trusty CRM and turning your bosses into statues shortly after the meeting started and then running as far away as you can, hoping you don't come across another mob spawn

when you watch DS9's Valiant episode and subconsciously think of all the tac escort/raptor/bop pilots you've blown to bits because they thought they could take your 4 ship team on their own

when you become a Qonos tour guide for new klingons (even fed admirals making a kling alt for the first time are new eh?)