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10-22-2010, 08:32 AM
there are no doubt cheats in sto as there are in every mmo, i have only seen one definate cheat in all the time i have played however, and i only saw this player once, way back when and i recorded what i saw and put in a ticket with a full explanation of what was occuring and why this was impossible.

Having recently returned i have seem a few things that surpirse me, like unloading a full alpha to see it do nothing to someone not running rsp, but then as i understand it you can, for a period of time you can get a very high shield resist, just poor target option as i relearn the symbols of buffs players are using. That and naturally i am not the player i was before, in fact i am a bit noobish currently and have to relearn what i thought i once knew, but that is different from someone having cheated just because something occured i did not recognise.

However i would not start screaming cheater in zone, if you truely think someone has cheated and have a reason other than 'i could not kill them', then put in a ticket and let the powers that be take a look. Thankfully i have only been called a cheat once, so was actually flattered, but if i were to be accused often i wuld certainly get annoyed as Santa clearly has.