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10-22-2010, 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by Ubernaut
Okay, I'm a Vice Admiral now. In the real military, you hardly see someone of this rank walking ANYWHERE alone. There's always junior officers or senior NCOs walking alongside them. So, my thought is this: Why can't I bring an officer or two along with me in public areas? I put as much effort into my officers' backstories and appearances as I do my own character, because they help me tell my story...but my story has no audience, because the only time anyone sees my bridge officers in a condition where their bios are readable is on a mission (when there's more pressing matters to attend to). I say, let me bring my bridge officers to public zones. Maybe not ESD, because that could get annoying, but perhaps other places, like DS9, K7, the Neutral Zone Ferengi club, Risa, Andoria, Vulcan?

I'd like an answer from a dev on whether this could potentially be implemented, and if not...why?
I agree, it would make perfect sense if a captain or higher was able to bring an "adjutant" to asist him/her during atctivities such as requsitioning equipment.