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10-22-2010, 07:26 PM
1. I can't remember but didn't it say that there are around 20 reviewers that the mission needs to pass through? I'm sure with such a wide pass around surely they won't be 20 people who all think exactly the same e.g. hardcore canon purists? They most likely will be a variety of people.

Also I think I remember something about them only being around for a certain number of months or weeks before being replaced by another bunch. So I guess it's like jury service or something.

2. Surely having something new to do is welcome? So there's a diminishing returns system to prevent exploits, e.g. farming. That's OK. You'll at least get some skill points from around 3 missions per day. Compared to now where there's only one new feature episode every week.

I'm sure these are over-concerns. Everything so far seems reasonable in theory. Let's see how it works for real in the beta test first before further speculation either way.